Inn The Cube: whooop

Advertising is mostly dishonest and manipulative. We are working to make event advertising more authentic, fair and up-to-date. We are Alex, Alex and Manuel. Since December 2016, we have been in the InnCubator and have the chance to exchange daily with other startups, presenting and discussing our concept regularly as well as getting feedback from experts and potential users in seminars and workshops. We are especially concerned with the question: “How can I find the best tent festival, the most spectacular concert, the most exciting lecture, the most colourful flea market, the hottest après ski …” In short: “How do I find the event I am looking for?” We are developing an app that allows you to keep up-to-date with events in your surroundings in real-time with the help of short videos. Our goal is to bring the most up-to-date and authentic information, whether in your home or on holiday to your smartphone, to help you decide where to go. Together is better.