Inn The Cube: unbound

unbound is a new lifestyle coffee brand that offers selected coffee specialties from all over the world. We roast coffee that is imported directly from the farms. That means you know exactly where each coffee comes from and how or by whom it is grown. These are usually very small farms or a merger of a few micro farms in a region. Thanks to the professional selection of each harvest, only selected taste profiles are included, some with unusual aromas such as peach, blueberries, but also familiar flavours such as chocolate or nut. Like in the wine production, these aromas come naturally into the coffee plant and are different in each cultivation region. Due to gentle drum roasting, these flavours can also be tasted in the cup without unpleasant bitter substances.

Openness and honesty are important to us – the exact location of the farms is indicated on every package so that they can be visited by every single customer. Our “Trace Back to Farm” seal is the sign for directly traded coffee.

The unique, round carton packaging does not need aluminium and can also be used for other household purposes, e.g. as a food can for rice, noodles or as a desk box for pens. On the packaging and also on our website, great importance is placed on explaining the products and providing information. Not only the origin of the coffee bean is apparent, but also how it is prepared with descriptions, how to make the perfect coffee at home. Coffee is able to do more than most of us, and that is exactly what we want to transfer to our customers.

The community in the InnCubator supports us in implementing the project as planned. If we would be a “standard coffee company”, everything would be quite simple – classic packaging, classic website, classic advertising, etc. However, if you want to be more modern and innovative in the old-fashioned market, you need partners with the same attitude to openness – and thereby we benefit enormously from the environment in the InnCubator.