Inn The Cube: Paul & Ernst

Paul & ernst is a young company dedicated to mobile gastronomy. Austrian newcomers bring fresh air to the streets. In its sales units for bicycles, design meets technical precision and sets new standards with the integration of fine dining components.

Ernst Stockinger and Paul Kogelnig have set themselves the goal of actively shaping their environment. At the beginning of this fusion of technical sophistication and an artistic vision, the enthusiastic city-dwellers, cyclists and park enthusiasts were keen to find high-quality products, which are available wherever the need arises. With the foundation of paul & ernst 2013, they took a first step in this direction and launched a company that has committed itself to the principle of sustainability. The production of their innovative food bikes has recently been located in Tyrol, where the InnCubator Innsbruck could also be used for product development. In the meantime, its product portfolio not only offers the smart restaurateur of tomorrow almost unlimited possibilities, but also pays attention to marketing and PR agencies: food bikes, ice bikes and promotional bikes can be designed individually and equipped with numerous add-ons.

With its mobile sales solutions, paul & ernst is a milestone in the age of the mobile outdoor kitchen, contributing to the development of the urban life of tomorrow. At the pulse of time, they meet the needs of a new generation of consumers.

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