Inn The Cube: Linguician

Linguician is an app that makes it easier to learn foreign languages with the help of music and lyrics. The main feature are popular music videos and lyrics that are used to remember vocabulary in a playful way. You can imagine it as a mixture of Duolingo and Guitar Hero. Linguician’s level of difficulty can be adapted individually to the user’s speech level. Linguician is active in music streaming as well as in the digital language learning market.

Since March 2016, the two founders Alexander Rietzler and Robert Eiter are working full-time at Linguician. The founding of the Ltd took place in October 2016 and in December 2016 the closed beta version of Linguician went online. In December 2016, Linguician became part of the INNC program of the InnCubator. Since April 2017, the beta version of Linguician is available for the public. The platform is still in the beta stage. That means there are no native apps, but you can use Linguician on your browser. The use is also optimized for mobile devices such as mobile phones and tablets. There are currently ongoing product enhancements and new songs are added. At the current stage, the use of Linguician is free of charge.

Due to the funding of AWS Impulse XS, the startup could hire the first employee, a developer, in February 2017. Meanwhile, about 20 freelancers are working for Linguician, especially in the field of translation, but also in the field of web development and design. For more information, visit