Inn The Cube: LAEKI

LAEKI stands for Lauser Equipment and offers qualitative and designed children’s furniture and children’s toys made out of wood. For example, the range includes a light balance bicycle made out of wood or children’s furniture in a funny crocodile design. Production is located in Tyrol and focuses on working with sustainable resources and, where possible, cooperating with social enterprises. The products should make both parents and children happy by means of beautiful and funny design as well as practical handling.

Renaud Dietsch had the idea of LAEKI during his parental leave in 2016. The skilled engineer and enthusiastic cyclist had begun to craft kids’ toys for his energetic son. Everything from wood was the motto. At first, a children’s chair and children’s table were developed in crocodile design, hoping that the one-year-old would sometimes sit down to play and paint. With success and the products arouse interest of friends. The furniture offers the opportunity to purchase a Tyrolean product. Next, a light balance bicycle was developed, like a motorcycle – the balance bicycle “Moto”. With a low seat height, it is already suitable for kids and children, but it is also funny for parents, children or donors: The balance bicycles are customizable. You can have the child’s favourite colour applied and engraved symbols or names at the back of the balance bike. Small extras like a tray for the water bottle helps to convince you to buy the Tyrolean product. Other products are in the starting blocks.

Renaud Dietsch sees it as a chance in the company’s early stages to not only use the co-working space but also to get advice and support from InnCubator. This has made the step into self-employment easier and brought additional motivation.

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