Inn the Cube: empatic

User Experience (UX) is the key to satisfied users. Josef Mayerhofer and Benedikt Danko from empatic User Experience Strategy see themselves as architects of digital products. They combine creativity with rationality, know-how with empathy and support small and large companies to understand the problems of their users and solve them smartly. empatic has been sitting in the InnCubator since March and is in intensive contact with the other start-ups since the beginning. UX is a topic that affects every startup.

The UX design is all about the user’s positive experience. But it should not only be pleasant: empatic’s ultimate maxim is to guide the user as quickly and simply as possible to his goal. The user experience is successful if it is not consciously perceived, but unconsciously a pleasant experience.

empatic’s key is the focus on marketing in UX design. A design must not only make the user happy, but also be economically meaningful. Therefore, each project starts with a comprehensive stage of problem analysis. Only when it is clear which problems the users have and the concrete goals of the company are suitable to that, the conceptioner and designers of empatic develop a strategy for the user experience. This ranges from usability aspects such as readability and clarity to great decisions: which product must be built at all and which team is necessary. Recently, empatic designed the entire product from the information architecture to the individual pixel of a button.

The plan for 2017 is diversification and growth. empatic is currently looking for UX / UI-Designer for the team.

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