Inn The Cube: Bruncheria

Austria’s first on-demand breakfast delivery service

Bruncheria’s mission is to supply households with high-quality breakfasts – at affordable prices. Bruncheria lives the culture of a sustainable and low-risk entrepreneurship, which constantly adapts to environmental conditions through innovation and ideas and responds to them proactively and positively. Customers can choose one of six prefabricated breakfast packages or order their breakfast individually. For this, Bruncheria relies exclusively on high-quality, organic and fresh food. No matter if FairTrade fruits, homemade spreads or superfoods – every taste should be served.

The goal for Bruncheria is to be called synonymous with high quality. The road to reach that has three pillars: the excellent quality of the portfolio, the sustainable approach to management and Bruncheria’s employees.

Right now, the order processing runs classic via telephone, website, or In terms of payment, customers can choose between cash payment at delivery or electronic payment methods such as PayPal, credit card, etc. In the future, Bruncheria aims to be positioned as a pioneer of the automated botcommerces – simple applications that allow ordering within the customer’s favourite apps.

We strive for delivering the packages within 45 minutes as they are already prepared in the best way and are only supplemented by individual needs of the customers. The packages are delivered by bicycle or moped – we want to do something good to the environment.

More information about Bruncheria can be found at

Bruncheria is the first on-demand breakfast service in Austria and currently delivers the area Innsbruck City.